Kerbenok was founded in winter 2000 by Stefan and Christopher. The band has a deeply positive attitude and stands for wisdom, consciousness, creativity and freedom. All lyrics circle around mankind (its confusedness), naturalness, lifes diversity and the great self. There is none which isn`t involved in the circle of nature, the immortal soul and the magic of percepting and creating countless realities into the one and everlasting - surrounding and flowing through us.

In 2003 Kerbenok (Stefan, Christopher) recorded the first Demo “Kerbenok“ (Demo ‘03), released by the band. In 2004 Marc(bass) joined the band working on the DoCD “Auf wilden Pfaden/im Einklang der Gewalten“ which was selfreleased in 2005 at a small number of copies.

During the recordings the band organized the „Av is og ild - Metal Fest 2004" in Bad Segeberg, playing the first time life together with now well known acts (Drautran, Hagal and Helrunar). The small festival turned out to be a great success and returned in 2005 and 2007 with bands like Negura Bunget or Månegarm.

After the "Av is og ild - 2005" the band splitted up cause Stefan passed his social-duty in Trondheim/norway and Christopher his civil-service in nature-protection on Sylt for a year. During the year-off, Marc(bass) left the band, but Stefan and Christopher came together again, working on the MCD "Der Erde entwachsen (Gewollte Wunden)". This MCD has been recorded in march 2007 and released first at the "Av is og ild - 2007" by the band. Later it was rereleased by Northern - Silence in march `08 and caused a lot of good international feedback.

Throughout the recordings of this MCD, the band was supported by two session musicians, namely Amir (Gong) and Marco(Flute, Percussion). They also joined the band with the gig at the "Av is og ild - 2007". Amir (now on bass) even during a small north-germany-tour with Odeon and a few other bands in late 2007. After the "Av is og ild - 2007" the band continued to work on the actual full-length release "o".

Since june 2008 the band took another break. Stefan went to iceland for studies of northern philology for a year. We continue work on new material in august 2009.